There are already so many blogs I have created from the day I have known about the internet and what it can do. World Wide Web is a superhighway of information and I thank God that I was able to be part of the generation whom it got started with.

I have made a lot of introductions and those blogs if not deleted, the site closed, links were broken, some went missing and others I don’t have a way to recover its password to enable them again.

And that’s why I am making this my “Final Introduction” for my Autobiography Blog.

In my life since I learned to understand, remember and write things until now. I often say I should have written that information, I should have done something in order to remember that. Why because we all have the disease of forgetfulness. And the medicine for you to remember is a reminder, a mark, a timeline of my own history.

I found out that it is indeed needed for you to remember things, when Bro Eli said that the Bible was written for the people of God in the future, that is why it was preserved, it was kept to be used at all times that there are people of God on Earth.

Even though I started writing before when I was in college using a notebook and a pen, that I still have in my possession until now. About what is happening with my life on a daily basis. But looking at it. All that was written there are all of the same. Because what should have written are things which are worth remembering.

So here I will be sharing my life’s worth remembering things not for me actually. This is for my 2 daughters Chloe 9 years old and Chanel 2 years old at this time I am writing this. And this day I am already 6,869 days inside MCGI, Intl. and 15,136 days since my birth. This is also for the people who are my relatives, friends, colleagues, and people who have known me. who are curious enough and want to find out what made me left the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church. And converted to the Members Church of God in Jesus Christ, the Pillar, and Ground of Truth when I first have known and accepted it then was changed to Members Church of God, International later on.

I am telling my daughter also that right now she has to start writing and telling her that she needs to preserve that.

Like I said I would like for my daughters to be able to know their Dad from the time they were born, the time I am still alive, and from the time before they were born. Because I get questions from my daughter Chloe and she is interested in me from my past, she asks a lot of questions which I find really great curiosity of her mind.

And the things I’ve learned from Bro Eli and Bro Daniel that put me in this position to do this blog. This is a different kind of blog because it will be edited in times I find a much better way of telling something or if I found out that it is grammatically wrong, that if I remember how it truly happen and I was not able to include it or I included it but it’s missing something, or it gives a different story than what I want to say, that I need to change some part of it to make it perfect for me and it will be understood by my daughters properly. And you can give me suggestions on how I can have written it the right way while I am alive to change it. You can comment if you feel the same way or I have touched your feelings and move you.

Also, I am making 3-5 backup sites of this blog so that if anything may happen to this site or to the other sites. You will be able to still read it.

P.S. Chloe and Chanel, please this as always just like my saying, and as my reminder as your Father if you are in need of things to know my experience and my knowledge of the Bible that I learned from Bro Eli and Bro Daniel. That it will be able to help you in times of your need, right away if ever I am no longer here.

I would also like to say here that, Bro Eli and Bro Daniel and the whole congregation of the Members Church of God, Intl. has no part in this blog, This is what I have seen, and heard that is why it is my own experience, my own views, my own feelings, my own story, my own history, and my own timeline. This is not the story of the MCGI or the story of its Ministers. I don’t have any authority to represent MCGI and Bro Eli Soriano and Bro Daniel Razon and any Doctrines which they teach.

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