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A Father’s Take of His Daughter’s Dengue Experience

What is Dengue? Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection causing a severe flu-like illness and, sometimes causing a potentially lethal complication. – World Health Organization A late action done. I am a father of 2 daughters, and this is the very first time I was in the hospital for my daughter because of a severe and Read more about A Father’s Take of His Daughter’s Dengue Experience[…]

Hearing Lost (ano po, pakiulit?)

Level of Noise to avoid Hearing Lost In doctors research, the level that we can avoid hearing loss should not go beyond 85 decibels. It is said that you can only have eight hours of exposure of 85 decibels in a day and should also have breaks of quiet time. Hearing Lost is Irreparable If Read more about Hearing Lost (ano po, pakiulit?)[…]

The DEAD and the Living Dead…

It’s that time of the year where people are busy cleaning the graves of their departed ones. And this is what they do, including me. But that’s way before I have known the truth about it. It was 1998 when I found out, what we were doing is not written in the Bible. It’s really Read more about The DEAD and the Living Dead…[…]

Being Depress… (My Deep Press ‘Yon at Emote ko!)

October 11, 2017 5:40am Before I go on to details. I would just like to reiterate that I don’t have any kind of educational background in psychology. I am writing this because I myself have felt depressed, down, burden, dejected, oppress, weigh down, rejected, and stress out for so many reasons. But I have always been Read more about Being Depress… (My Deep Press ‘Yon at Emote ko!)[…]

A Different Perspective

Originally Publish @ Perspective is defined as “a view, an insight, or a particular way of regarding something.” Almost all dictionaries describe it that way. But in the Church of God, “perspective” has an entirely different meaning. Brother Daniel Razon explains why and how. During his visit to the brethren at the United Arab Emirates Read more about A Different Perspective[…]

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