Melvin and you can all call me Melvs like the name beside

<— this avatar, but some people also know me as bradmelvs.

One thing I know is I am nothing in this world even I am living or breathing if not for my GOD, who has given me the grace to be one of HIS servants. That is the purpose of this blog to share with you what I have, from the days not knowing the real GOD and from the time I first started knowing HIM, up to this present that HE still keeps on giving me. And I am very thankful that I am already writing this first post and still thankful if you have read this, what I just hope for is I can also write and post the 2nd, the 3rd up till the last post. So if you are not seeing a new post on that day, that means HE has taken me out from this world. I also hope that I made you enjoy my writings and given you an enlightenment or an idea of what may have become of me if I didn’t have known the real GOD whom I am serving. The GOD Almighty, The GOD of Gods, The God of Israel.  ]]>


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