What is Dengue?

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection causing a severe flu-like illness and, sometimes causing a potentially lethal complication. – World Health Organization

A late action done.

I am a father of 2 daughters, and this is the very first time I was in the hospital for my daughter because of a severe and lethal sickness called “dengue” that she has gotten from somewhere we don’t really know where? Her fever started Friday, November 27. It’s also my fault that when she got a fever we did not bring her to a doctor for a check-up right away. We took on ourselves just to observe her first if she will still have a fever until Sunday then we will bring her to the free clinic in the church. Due to a high volume of attendees who also wants to be checked-up. So again we hold her until Monday came contacted one of the pediatrician doctor that we will bring my daughter to her but she said she is in a district hospital we can just bring both our daughters Tuesday. The doctor made the check-up to both of them cause Chanel also has a cough and cold, but Chloe was tested for her blood and it showed that her platelets are below normal, we then check one more time the next day Wednesday, November 29. As it came out her platelets is still going down. We took her right away to the district hospital in her mother’s birthplace. And she was right away admitted.

The delicate situation

I made some contemplating and saying to myself, she should have been checked right away so that it has been treated at once. The severity of that disease made me ponder all night, thinking all the possibilities that may occur And then just look at the stars and ushered this words, God you have given her to us, to be the additional joy and happiness in this life of ours You have given us. You hold everything in us, Your will be done. And tears just fall from my eyes.

The next 4 days still her platelets are still going down, even though we see her has the strength to carry her self with her dextrose and vitamins, to and fro the comfort room when she feels urinating and pooing. She may have thought she is being a burden because I carry the metal stand of the infusion stuck to her that is why she wants to do it herself. She may also have seen that I was with little sleep so she thinks I was tired. She came in and out of the comfort room every 30 to 45 minutes. But that is not the case, I am just very proud of her she is very brave making myself to loose face. I just can’t tell her that she is in a grave situation. So that made me call again and do something that may somebody find obnoxious. Friday night December 1st I loaded my phone with data surfing time and tune in to Facebook Live Streaming of Bible Exposition. And there with the opening and closing prayer, I joined in to ask to make her well again. In the meantime, 4 people have joined in listening to the questions of guest attendees getting answers from Bro. Eli in the Bible.

Much awaited release from the hospital

Saturday, December 2nd we have decided to attend Thanksgiving on Sunday, leaving her with one of her uncles to stay with her. We know that she needs someone with her, but we also know that we cannot do anything for her, yes we can stay with her but that is the only thing we can do. The real being that can help her is God. And we have a weekly gathering called Thanksgiving to Him. A Thanksgiving not including a turkey, and we are thankful for everything that is happening with us. And we know that if we go there and ask for her early and fast recovery. And it did happen her latest platelet count is higher than normal and they said that she can already get out of the hospital. But since we aren’t able to do that because of the surrounding circumstances. We were able to take her back home the next day. Thanks be to GOD for all of His wondrous works.

A must know information

After experiencing that kind of event in our Family. We are much more eager in doing additional prevention research and information regarding dengue. That was also the day we came across the Dengvaxia vaccine for dengue and the news was so mind-boggling because the vaccine should be helping prevent dengue for people especially kids but it seems that it will have terrifying effects if injected or given to someone who has not yet gotten the dengue virus. It was a good thing we are attuned to watching “Good Morning Kuya” of UNTV37 Channel that Kuya Daniel Razon will be having a guest in his show “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon”. The man who have a lot of knowledge regarding the topic. Dr. Anthony Leachon. That was December 6, 2017.

Dr. Anthony said on the show that he would like this not to be white washed and should not be given color as a political party battle. He is doing this for the 700+ thousand kids who were vaccinated of this drug. And the perpetrators should be held liable for this atrocity. Just knowing something like this had happen within the watch of our previous President not making sure that this is all safe. Imagining only if my daughter had been given with this kind of vaccine. It is just a good thing that I have been a Member of the Church Of God, International, that we are not taught here of making any revenge to anyone. But we are taught to do good even to our enemies. We are taught of not hurting anyone physically. If only they are also part of this organization. They may not think of doing something really bad to children just to make money. Here is the timeline of the course of Dengvaxia vaccine in the Philippines.

Dengvaxia Vaccine Timeline

December 22, 2015 – The Philippines is the first Asian country to approve the sale of the first dengue vaccine Dengvaxia a Sanofi Pasteur product. (Ang Pilipinas ang unang bansa sa Asya na nag apruba ng pagbebenta ng unang dengue vaccine Dengvaxia isang produkto ng Sanofi Pasteur.)

January 5, 2016 – Former DOH Secretary Janet Garin said former Noynoy Aquino approved a dengue vaccine vaccination for more than 1M public school students in NCR, Central Luzon and CALABARZON, the government provided 3.5B to purchase the required vaccines. (Sinabi ni dating DOH Secretary Janet Garin na inaprubahan ni dating pangulo na Noynoy Aquino ang pagbabakuna ng dengue vaccine sa mahigit 1M estudyante ng pampublikong paaralan sa NCR, Central Luzon at CALABARZON, naglaan ang gobyerno ng 3.5B upang bilhin ang mga kinakailangang bakuna.)

April 4, 2016 – DOH launches school-based dengue vaccination for 9-year-old students in NCR, Central Luzon and CALABARZON. (Inilunsad ng DOH ang school base dengue vaccination sa mga estudyanteng 9-na taong gulang sa NCR, Central Luzon at CALABARZON.)

April 18, 2016 – The World Health Organization recommends Dengvaxia vaccination in areas where the incidence of such illness affects 50% or more of its redness. (Inirekomenda ng World Health Organization ang pagbabakuna ng Dengvaxia sa mga lugar kung saan ang insidente ng naturang sakit ay naaapektuhan ang 50% o higit pa ng papulasyun nito.)

July 18, 2016 – Former DOH Secretary Pauline Jean Ubial signed a resolution that stops the dengue vaccination program because it has not been proven safe. (Pinirmahan ni dating DOH Secretary Pauline Jean Ubial ang isang resolusyon na nagpapatigil sa dengue vaccination program sa dahilang hindi pa umano ito napapatunayang ligtas.)

September 28, 2016 – 2 months after Ubial stopped the program, the DOH issued a certificate of exemption for Dengvaxia which states that the vaccine can still be used. (2 buwan matapos ipahinto ni Ubial ang programa, naglabas ng certificate of exemption para sa Dengvaxia ang DOH na nagsasaad na maari pa ring gamitin ang nasabing bakuna.)

December 6, 2016 – In the hearing of the lower house of Congress declared by Dr. Anthony Leachon a DOH dengue expert panel to be screened by Dengvaxia to stop the program while still confirming the news that two people had died because of the vaccine (Sa pagdinig ng mababang kapulungan ng Kongreso ipinahayag ni Dr, Anthony Leachon miembro ng dengue expert panel ng DOH na inatasang suriin ng Dengvaxia na itigil pangsamantala ang programa habang kinukumpirma pa ang mga balita na dalawang tao ang umanoy namatay dahil sa naturang bakuna.)

May 5, 2017 – DOH Secretary-General Secretary Ubial reiterated the dengue vaccination program after completing the final round of shots for Grade 4 students. (Muling ipinatigil na noo’y kalihim ng DOH na si Secretary Ubial ang dengue vaccination program matapos kumpletuhin ang final round of shots para sa mga Grade 4 students.)

November 7, 2017 – DOH Assistant Secretary Lyndon Lingsuy has stated that the vaccination process is not correct in the event of a 3-dose ending, according to Suy. There will be more problems if the whole process of vaccination can not be completed. (Ipinahayag ni DOH Assistant Secretary Lyndon Lingsuy na hindi tama ang biglang pagpapatigil sa proseso ng pagbabakuna na hindi natatapos ang 3 dose nito, ayon pa kay Suy magkakaroon ng mas maraming problema kung hindi makukumpleto ang buong proseso ng vaccination.)

November 29, 2017 – Sanofi warned against the dengue vaccine product, according to the results of their 6-year study, people who have not been dengue may have severe illness if Dengvaxia is vaccinated. (Naglabas ng babala ang Sanofi laban sa produkto nilang dengue vaccine, ayon daw sa resulta ng kanilang 6 na taong pagaaral, maaaring magkaroon ng malalang sakit ang mga taong hindi pa dinadapuan ng dengue kung mababakunahan ng Dengvaxia.)

Some people also say that Dr. Anthony Leachon doesn’t have credentials to speak regarding about this issue. But from the show also it was brought out that he have all of this credentials and more not just added to the list.

  • Pfizer Medical Director
  • Cardiologists 30yrs practice
  • President of Pharmaceutical Companies
  • President of Philippine College of Physicians 9yrs board, 2014 President
  • Consultant to the Secretay of Health on Lifestyle Diseases
  • Appointed as Director of Philhealth.

I think it will give more broader if you just watch the episode linked below:
Get It Straight with Daniel Razon: Guest Dr. Anthony Leachon 

also watch this episode with guest new DOH Secretary Francisco Duque III talks about Dengvaxia controversy.

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